Should I break up with my gf?

So her grandpas been in town since the 9th and doesn't leave till next Tuesday so she said we can't hangout till then. It will of been 19 fucking days since I've seen her the next time we hangout. Like I get that she wants to hangout with him while he's here but she can't even like take one day away from him just to go out once, even to something as simple as going to get something to eat. Like cmon. Like I wouldn't mind as much if she still texted me or called me but she's only been texting me like twice a day now since he got here. Its like im just a stranger to her now.

I don't know, maybe its just me but I feel like she's being pretty selfish. Im only asking for her to give up just 2 hours on just one day to go out. Thats it, not like im asking for much. It just seems like she doesn't care about me at all.

And its not the 1st time she's done this. She breaks plans with me all the time because she decided to sleep 12 hours instead and it was too late. Like seriously.
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  • No dont. Well not yet. Sit her down and speak to her about this matter. she deserves a convo about this problem. Also i do understand your point of view but sometimes a little time off can't hurt but since you say this is not the first time maybe she's taking you for granted. Try not to be too clingy everyone hates that. If the connection is no longer there leave her simple as that my friend.

    • Well the thing is weve only been dating for 3 weeks now. So you think shed like to spend as much time as possible with me to get to know me better but I guess not.

      But I agree. I was gonna talk to her about it 1st and if she doesn't understand and makes up another bullshit excuse then ill end things.

    • Yes but remember dont be impulsive and make snap judgments talk to her and take a few days to think about it some times the best of relationships can a rocky start :)

  • Why don't you go over to her house and hang out with her and her grandfather? 19 days is nothing. You'll have plenty of time to spend it with her once her grandfather leaves.


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