New Boyfriend Upset with Ex Husbands Role Too Early?

lately my boyfriend has had an issue with the way my ex husband has been treating me he says i am a push over and i need to stand up for myself. When it comes to more support for my six year old son. In a way i think its sweet but we have only been together for sim months. Now i feel like its eventually going to cause an argument between us. Is it too early for him to be bugged and upet about it. or is it my fault for asking him for advice?


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  • Whoa. This new boyfriend sounds like he might not have the maturity to be with a woman with an ex husband and a six-year-old son. First of all -- I agree that you definitely SHOULD stand up for yourself, but I would really need to know more specifics: What is your ex husband asking of you? What are your boyfriends exact issues with those requests?

    Again -- I don't know all of the specifics -- but the way that you describe your boyfriend as "bugged" and "upset" about your situation, makes him seem like kind of a cry baby. Having a six-year-old kid is a HUGE responsibility, and it sounds like maybe the boyfriend doesn't fully appreciate that.

    • Well my boyfriend should have enough experience he is a few years older than me with four kids of his own. Just little stuff i buy my sons clothes for school his dad keeps them and sends him back in sweats or clothes too small. And he feels he should take more responsibility for my sons cost for medical and afterschool care. But the way my boyfriend says it... grow a back bone... stand up for yourself... your a push over... just letting him take advantage... It seems like a man somewhere in his forties should be a little more senstive when talking about issues like this.

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    • Yes he has many great qualities an. I wouldn't want. To end it without letting him know there's a problem. I should tell him that it bothers me the way he is giving advice when it comes to arrangements with my sons father. Lol awkward conversation awaits for our lunch date tomorrow

    • I can't picture you having a healthy / successful relationship with him if you're concerned that he's always criticizing your parenting style. I think you definitely need to have a conversation about this if you want the relationship to last (and I think you need to do it ASAP, before things get any worse).

      Again, I think he key is really in how you frame the conversation. It's understandable that he'll want to give parenting / relationship advice, but explain to him that he needs to do so in a friendly, constructive (nonjudgmental) way.

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