How do I help my close guy friend through a breakup?

A very close guy friend just moved. A few months later he contacted me through text and explained that he had just gotten out of a relationship. He texted me the other day saying that he felt like he was always the guy to get his heart crushed, and that he would never find someone. I feel so sorry for him but I don't know how to help him cope. I asked how he wanted me to help him and he said that just being there to talk to at anytime was everything he needed. But everytime we do talk we just talk about the same stuff over and over like school. I don't know what more to do?


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  • All he need right now is someone to whom he can talk to whenever and about whatever he wants...
    Just provoke him to tell you how he feels and just listen to him
    I'm sure he isn't expecting much from you but just that you listen to him so that he feels he's nt been abandoned by all and hAve someone by his side :)


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  • talk about.. music then


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  • Just be there for him, whenever.
    Be careful about the rebound.
    He is vulnerable.
    Jessica this takes some skill.
    I learned to be a good listener.
    That can work all by itself.


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