2.5 years, she says maybe in the future?

I was with my ex for 2.5 years, we were in a long distance relationship of 80 miles. We always worked together through, it and it was something that we both wanted. In the final months we had a bit of arguing, and then she left to study abroad for 5 months. 2 weeks went by and she broke it off with me, saying I am not ready for a relationship/ maybe later in life. I don't understand how people just turn like that, I probably never will. She told me she was tired of waiting for me to be "ready" Didn't tell me what for exactly. Couple more weeks go by and she was tired of me hurting her, she wanted marriage, a home, and kids (so she says). I guess my question is what do I do, I had no idea that I was hurting her in these ways, and the fact that she couldn't tell me before she was 3500 miles away "tells me what I mean to her" I know I can not think that way though. A relationship is something you must both do together or not at all, I just want her to be happy even if thats not with me, but not knowing she was hurting has left me here with ALL THOSE FEELINGS! She comes back in May, and fear she will try to find me. Knowing that by then I have to fix what I need to fix, and be a BETTER me. I just know I will want to cave if I see her, I love her that much. Just another guy who made a wrong turn on the highway of love.


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  • Well in times like these you just gotta ask yourself... what would jesus do..


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