Help? Need to get over this asap?

My bf broke up with me last night due to the fact that his father is against me due to religious reasons. We didn't have any issues in our relationship and I can tell his father matters to him a lot. I dont want to hold any hope that we might get back together and things will work out. I just want to get over this heartache. I dont want to think about him or anything. I want the thought of him, his memories out of my heart and mind.

What can I do?
Also, I dont want to contact him first. Im feeling the temptation. Any advice on keeping the feelings at bay.


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  • It will get easier over time. But until it does, try to keep busy with other stuff and with friends. Try to cut back on free time because it might just depress you. But everything will get better I promiss

  • Date a rebound guy.

    • Don't date a rebound guy because, if that guy ends up liking you a lot and all he was was a rebound to you then, he's going to end up with the same heartache you're feeling now. It's rude.

    • A guy is far less likely to develop feelings over a couple of dates and some sex. Let her take her chances.

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