I can't accept that he decieved me, how do I cope?

My ex was bi sexual or Gay, whatever. I found out by going through his email and Facebook. After being a detective I started putting shit together and eventually got the answers I wanted. I spoke with the tranny and they told me graphic gross fucking details. Though I've seen my ex comments to trannies and pictures of him cuddled with trannies I was still shocked!

I was in denial and was hoping that he was straight with a shitload of gay friends. But come on now there's too much proof. I can't- cope. I think about his mouth on a guys dick and then coming home kissing me. But we had good memories too, it's so sad. :-(
He wasn't faithful to me and sleeping with men while in a relationship with me. I started snooping once he gave me an STD because I've been faithful and figured he was fucking around.
Yes he did all of this while we were together and I dumped him when I found out plus the STD was a dead giveaway but I thought it was another woman.


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  • Well... that's what happens when You go through his shit...


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  • Was he doing this while you guys were together? If so, then I'm sorry this happened to you, but you need to let this one go, because he is free to have his own sexual preferences and we're no one to judge.!

    If you guys weren't together, then you shouldn't have been going through his things. You have no right, and again.. he is free to do what he wants.


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  • Your mouth has been on dicks too. As long as he's been faitful to you what's the problem? Why did you even go through his things without permission?


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