He broke up with me because I wasn't good enough for him? What should I do?

No matter what I did for him wasn't enough. He broke up with me because of this. I'm really sad and I'm not sure what to do. I decided to give him some space as I usually get out of control after break-ups and I text and I keep calling, but I know that isn't healthy. I don't want to force someone to be with me so I decided to give him space and I thought he would calm down. And I thought once he calmed down and was able to think straight, I thought he'd realize all the various things I do to show him that I care and to show him how i feel. But it's been exactly 2 weeks since we broke up.

I'm just sad and not sure what to do at this point?


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  • I think you should try and move on because at this point it's on him. you did the right thing by giving him space and it seems to me you where a good girlfriend. It also seems like he is one of those people that act like there shit don't stank and he doesn't deserve you. So just move on hang out with friends get back with yourself meaning learn to be cool on your own and rock out to your own beat in Life and your going to meet with someone who's beat goes good with your and you'll make a beautiful timeless melody. Sincerely nerdsbirdy

    • lol thanks. The weird thing is I know he's not good enough for ME. So I don't know why I can't just forget about him..

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    • Thanks. I'm going to try really hard to just enjoy being alone and spending time by myself. Thanks for the suggestion :)

    • No problem have fun sincerely nerdybirdy

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  • He obviously isn't the right guy for you. What you need is someone who appreciates you for who you are!

    • Thanks I'm trying really hard to remind myself that. Sometimes I'm stronger and I'm okay other times I just really miss him.

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  • He said you you are not enough for him>if so he is a jerk. Nobody is not goos enough for someone is just that is not the each person has to be with the right person for each of them if he loves he will come back if not you'll find someone who will appreciate you and love you the way you are also its been not much time things will get better try to get busy with something and hang.


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