Broken heart with cancer. How can I move in?

I lived with a guy for 7 years in California until last year on New Years Day he kicked me out and caused it to were I was living in my car until this last December do to the fact I couldn't afford a place to live and me having cancer. He was claiming he did this so I would be happy. All of this came out of no where. He is now dating someone els and told some people that I died last year. I am now in Kansas living with my sister not only dying of cancer but a broken heart. I am not a attractive person I have crooked teeth and a now no hair do to chemo. This guy also claims he took pitty on me that's why he dated me. I want to make it clear I never pursued him. He pursued me for 3 year until I started to date him and moved from Oklahoma to California to be with him. Now why he has another girl in our apartment and I am dying. I guess my question is in the short time I have left how do I get over this heartache. It's made me stop fight for my life. Also is him saying he made me homeless while I am dying would make me happy and healthy a cop-out so he wouldn't have to admit he was being selfish?
Thank You all very much. I needed so outside opinions too see all this clearly. My family and friends don't see why I can't move on. I guess even a year and a half later I am in shock. I wasn't dying when he first kicked me out. My cancer just got worse after not always having proper care. I know he had the other girl. I just don't get why he wouldn't tell me. I asked him once and he said he is not getting into this conversation.


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  • It's a cop out. He is trying to make himself look like less than a dick for what he has done. I'm pretty sure he had that girl on the side and wanted out and since he didn't have a good reason he did what he did. I'm sorry for him being a jerk but stay strong like you have and keep up your fight. He isn't worth your heartache your better off without him.


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  • Yours is a pretty sad tale, I am very sorry all this has happened to you. I am also so sorry your boyfriend would do such a terrible thing. I guess he felt tired of living with a dying person. He certainly kicked you out for his own sake not for yours. I suggest you turn to God now if the doctors can't save you. Again I am very sorry.

  • Not telling you to move on but to spend time doing what you couldn't do. he kicked you out because you were dying, why waste more time on a dead end, he ripped you off like a bandage

  • <33333333333333

    • I am sorry but what does that mean?

    • Hearts, I really have no idea why everyone downvoted this, just trying to show some love.

    • Aww well thank you. I didn't mean to down vote truly I didn't. I have a crap phone which I am blessed to have but it has a tinny screen and I hit the wrong key. Thank you for the hearts. That's very sweet of you.

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  • Wow what an asshole he was just looking for an excuse to leave you. Hey just look at it this way you don't need a man like that in your life and if he treated you that way chances are he will eventually treat his new girlfriend that way too. I just got my heartbroken by someone who I thought loved me and it hurts, but just know you are not alone because we all get our hearts broken and there is nothing we can do about it, but move on.

    Don't let that man make you feel unattractive because seriously your beautiful k and you're fighting for your life right now so focus on getting better and hey one day the right man will come along and love you for who you are and never hurt you like he did.

    • Thank you very much. U am sorry you got your heart broken. You deserve more then that.

  • He's an absolute asshole. I'm not going to tell you to get over it because in those circumstances, nobody could. Don't sit around, you said you're dying and if you believe that, then live your life to the fullest. My grandmother who cannot move due to cancer says the thing she regrets most is not being adventurous.

    All my love and best of luck xo

  • He is a jerk and not worth the tears! My dad's cousin was dating a woman and she became terminal with an illness (I was too young back then to remember what). You know what he did? He married her. She died within months soon after. So no, I have no pity for these people who say they 'let them go' for them cause it is 'better this way' as a cop-out when it's an illness like that especially after years of being together. If he couldn't haddle it (which would be tough for people), he wouldn't have moved on so quick. If anything I feel so bad you wasted your love on him because he clearly does not deserve it!


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