Love of your life leaves you, what would you do?

She/He breaks up with you suddenly and stubbornly wants to move on with no communication! How would you deal with it?
  • Go and see them
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  • I'll love again in time...
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  • Crying for weeks, unable to function
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Whats the reason? If its my fault I would offer many things if I'm really loving her like I would promise her I will change if I did something pushed her to leave me

    But if she just suddenly leave me for no clear reason or for I would call and wait 1week if no chance I will totaly move on and if she back I will kick her bcoz I already asked her to fix but she refuse I feel shame if I accept her again I WILL KICK HER

    But that's me only


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What Girls Said 1

  • I'll cry for a couple of days (I'm that type of person who rarely cries) then when I'm done crying i move on. he's not the only guy in this world.


What Guys Said 2

  • I don't believe in 'one true love', but I do believe in love and that a past ex I dated and lived with for a while was loving. I still think about her some times 2 years later, not like I want her back, just I wonder how that person is... to this day I son't know why it didn't work out or really why she broke it off. We had plans of getting married out of college and she was a wait until marriage type, and I never pushed her on sex once.

    It took me about 6 months to stop being depressed and like a year and a half to be really over her. BUT, that time recovering, alone, not sleeping around and such has been the best personal growth period of my life an dI feel like a better person because of it.

    Time really does heal everything

  • With me I only ever fell in love with one girl and I am with her to this day. My past dictated a solitary life and I fell in love without knowing it and changed accordingly. She showed me and taught me feelings and emotions I didn't know, I was a heartless man before I met her.
    If she left me, with no reason and all of a sudden, I will cry, I will cry for days and I do not cry, I am still emotionless to some degree but when I get over it, and come to my senses, I wil never love again, I will go back to my old way and do what I used to do with an even more fierce rage about it.


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