My ex/bestfrnd disrespected our friendship and never called me to explain in a long distance. I loved him a lot but he's in a new relationship. help?

we had bumps cause things were changing after he left. we lived in for 4 months. we ere trying but he cudnt manage, things got a little frustrating, he cudnt give time, I took time to understand, he made new frnds and he was changing, but he said hed try. he kept getting annoyed and frustrated with me and didn't understand. I broke up cause I didn't know anything and I wanted him to handle his stress and understand. I said it is srs. he dated another girl there and went in a live in in a day. he told me when I texted and asked him, after 2 weeks. between this we were talking, I told him I got admission and i was coming and we cried on Skype together. now he ignores me completely and is with her, he never gave me a call to explain, ignored me. in the distance i got desperate cause i couldn't contact him to know whats happening, he blamed me via text for everything and asked me to stop my bullshit. my friends and family were close to him, so they asked him what happened, that got me a text from his current from his number asking me to stop my nonsense and bullshit and to stay away, i was supposedly his bestfrnd and he made me apply so tat we cud be together, for 2 weeks he told me before the relationship that he's numb and can't date as the past is coming back to him. i really loved him and i donot understand what happened. after the tect i had to ask my frnds to stop contacting and had the convo with my mother telling her we broke up. he doesn't reply doesn't bother to give me a closure. i don't understand. he wasn't this sort of a guy, i never doubted him on another girl, he denies cheating but he puts all the blame on me. i feel extremely helpless and can't recognize the man. everyone tells me different aspects of it, but it is getting extremely hard to believe that i didn't know the guy for the 1 and a half yr of our relationship. he chose her over me.


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  • give him time and space and just let him be would be my advice if its meant to be he will come back to u if its not move on and find your next prince charming i knows its hard at first but trust me it gets better!


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