Worried about my ex and I want to help without giving the wrong impression. What do?

Okay so my ex of nearly 3 years left me, got back together with me and then went and did a bunch of blow and got tossed around by some dudes while visiting a friend out of town and has begged me to get back with her after. That's def not gonna happen lol I'm happy and seeing someone new and it's been absolutely wonderful.

she's with somebody now as well and she still tells me how empty she feels without me/how much she regrets everything and all of that and that's super not cool to the new dude but idc not my problem.

I am concerned about her well being though, it would be way easier to just hate her but I don't have it in my heart to hate anyone. I loved her and I'll always care a little, no matter how bad I've been hurt.

She's sounding suicidal as fuck and she's definitely keeping up the drug habits and dropped out of college. She looks ill in all of her pictures and I'm starting to worry.

How could I go about helping her out of the mess she put herself in without leading her on?


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  • Um... you could host an intervention or offer to take her to rehab? Or just nicely tell her that she's really let herself go, she won't be able to love anyone until she loves and takes care of herself and gets back on track? I don't know good luck tho lol


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