Is he just trying to get my atteantion or is he hurting?

I broke up with my boyfriend last week. I told him no contact for awhile and have deleted him off of all my social media accts.

A mutual friend of ours told me today that my ex has changed everything on his Facebook (deleted pics of us and places we went to, added a bunch of girls etc) as if he is over me that fast.

What does this mean? I have done none of these things out of respect for his feelings


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  • Maybe he is just moving on and not wanting to remember you. So maybe he is just hurting.

  • Yes he's hurting and responding to what you did - like for like.

    You say that you broke up with him so he has permission to delete anything he wants to. Sometimes, guys find it easier to delete any reminders of somebody they loved as it helps to move forward.


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