Help ex bf drama?

I have recently split with my bf I love him dearly he was my best friend I can't help but miss him I have to see him everyday and we still talk I still feel this overwhelming sense of emptiness I've tried keeping myself busy ever got a new wardrobe treated myself to being pampered but I can't shake him from my mind what can I do?


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  • The fact that you still talk will make it harder. I personally recommend distancing yourself from him for a while. Doesn't mean you have to ignore but just slowly distance yourself and limit communication unless it's really necessary. Once you've had a few months and ready to move on then you won't feel such emptiness. Spend more time with other friends or perhaps even causally date other guys in the meantime to keep the focus off your ex.

  • Why did you split? And honestly, only time will make you heal from all this, as cliche as that sounds.

    • He was going out with his friends all the time and didn't really make time for me but when we were together we had so much fun I honestly feel like am going crazy xxx

    • I know the feeling. I think everyone has felt that way at one time or another. But the best thing that you can do is just cut him off as much as you can. And you need to realize that as much as it hurts right now, it WILL get better if you just give it time =]

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