Should I Break up with him?

He keeps bragging about how he gets to beat up shop lifters at work, when he never has a mark on him from punching them or whatever happened. Also can't stop touching ill be seating on the couch with my mom right there and hell start trying to grab my boobs, kiss me , or talk about how my thighs are prime cut... and im currently pregnant with my exs child, he's always acts funny when I have doctor appointments when the father goes, and says he doesn't need to get along or talk to the father" when he's the one that wants to marry me" ; which I don't see working if he can't... and im not really sexually attracted to him... im generally not happy especially when he have lots of moments were we have nothing to talk about, and thinks he can stay over til 12 pm at night when im exhausted by 8pm and he knows that... he is just driving me insane , and especially when I want my child to have her family and still have feelings for the father.. but of course im going to look like the bad guy cuz he bought me a engagement ring.
My mom made me get into this relationship to "try it out" since she didn't like the father of my child.. when I still have strong feelings for him.


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  • Maybe it's because you are going for the wrong guys. You're pregnant with anothers mans child, and dating a new guy who also doesn't treat you right. It's pretty obvious that you are the problem. Maybe it's not what you want to hear, but damn woman... you're 19 for christs sake... save it for later. I can't say anything else because it seems you want opinions to support your bad decisions. I really wish you and the baby the best and I hope the real father comes to his senses or you meet a guy who doesn't mind the mess you've gotten yourself into.


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  • It does not at all matter if he got you an engagement ring. You are obviously not happy with him. You said it yourself. Do you really want to marry this guy and spend the rest of your life unhappy? I'm guessing you don't. In which case, the sooner you end it with him, the easier it will be. You should never settle for someone that doesn't make you happy. especially if there will be a child involved.


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  • I don't understand. You're an adult. If you aren't happy then get the f out of there. There are plenty of programs out there that will help you get back on your feet. Do it now before the child is born. Good luck lady!


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