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Hi i was in a relationship for 2 years. it was the first time i had felt happy after a hard divorce. i was clear quickly that the relationship was more one sided then i liked. he was very chilled and non committal. we split up on and off as either i felt unloved or he wanted space. he is from a rich family and im only a carer. he had a problem with the fact that i was unlike his friends or family. after the 2 years i had to walk away i really wanted more then he did and although i still loved him and still do i had to give up. after 2 months he contacted me to say he has meet the love of his life it was fate she is an ex from way back and they are getting married. i feel so bad that i wasted so much time and that he has shown this woman all the love he couldnt show me. he says she is more his type which makes me feel so sad and rubbish. any advise to help me find some peace and help me move on?


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  • I feel really bad for you. He just decided too late he just didn't want you. There's nothing wrong with you, and, there's really nothing wrong with him either. The wrong here was probably him letting you stay at his side when he knew very well it wasn't going to work. It's really unfortunate. The reason why I never get mad at women who date me once or twice and then reject me is because, that's better than having them string me along because they are either bored, or feel sorry for me and feel some kind of obligation to keep me company. I can move on sooner and look for someone who might really want someone like me. Hopefully you can too. Don't try to forget him, because that will make you remember him more. Just try not to feel like you're worthless, because you're not. Be kind to yourself won't you? Take care.


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