Sex with my ex even though he has a girlfriend now?

My ex and I were engaged and we broke up 7 months ago. Since then he has had 2 girlfriends. One he broke up with. And now a new one. We never really stopped having sex. Even now he still comes over every once in a while. He begs and pleads with me and gets upset if I stop talking to him for a while. He will even resort to petty arguments over meaningless possessions I may still have. He constantly tells me that I don't care about him (which is almost true) whenever he gets the gist that I'm dating someone new, he comes banging on my door or texts incessant questions about my sex life outside of him. All of our pictures are still on his FB and he hasn't changed the relationship status (he only made it private) he still does things I ask him to do... my question is, how can I cut him off completely without him flipping out? I'm over the sex and communication and I just want to be alone. Every time I try, he comes over or harrasses me via texts.


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  • STOP having sex with him, and if he continues harassing you, obtain a restraining order.


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