Please help confused?

Ok so he broke up arnd 2 months ago and this was bcz of me. My doubts insecurities anger due to which Der wer many arguments and he just got tired and left. While together he was mostly sweet caring and used to do things for me, say I love u but then he turned cold. Anyways so as soon as he dumped me, I was in rage and could not realise my mistakes. Then with time I saw and wrote a letter saying Il change and that I now understand but he said he's not a kid that whatever il say hel believe. So even I got angry and then told him Il move in etc and then after 10 days he's again texting me u look good in dis pic etc and after talking casually for some time I'm like do u luv me? He said yes I do but I don't see us any more and I dont trust u and our love and that you have changed. He said he's not seeing anybody else. Since that day, he texted me 2-3 times and lately he does not only I do... And I feel like he doesn't need me though he told me he sometimes feel lost. What to do? Should I send another long text apologising again or just go no contact till he contacts? He said I don't know what I feel etc also once way back. Because I've observed sometimes he shows attitude if I talk to him :/ sometimes not. I really love him and... How do I show him I have changed? The thing is we can't meet each other so it's only via phone.
He also said that I really hurted him in the past. :/


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  • Just keep being his friend maybe he will change his mind.


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  • don't say anything. make him come to you. if he does text don't give in too easily, let him know you don't want any games. if he doesn't text then realize it's time to move on.


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