She started to text me?

i work with my ex which reeaaally sucks. She broke up with me and pretty much immediately moved on started dating another guy and cut me off. I took it pretty hard but I had to move on as well. For the last week she has been trying to text me, I got some dental work done and she texted me to see if I was ok. Thing is I didn't get the text until the next day because I was completely out of it, the next day when I saw her I thanked her for checking up on me but she was really mad and super quiet. She will also what I did over the weekend and then ask "who were you with" I just don't understand why she is super "mad" at me for the past week and why she always wants to know who I'm with when I'm out.


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  • You are her "toy". She dosn't want you but needs you to want her.


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