Crying to relieve myself or enduring to keep building up my shell?

I know the title is not clear so I'll try and explain the best I can.
It's been barely two months since I broke up with my girlfriend of three years and sometimes I feel miserable.
We broke up in the worst possible way and I am sure she suffered as much as me, if not more, and since then I did all I could to be a better person.
Yet when I think of her I feel a gnawing sense of guilt and shame; I think of all the pain I gave her and of how bad a person I had become and feel the need to cry.
In my experience crying relieves the pain while also making me somehow more vulnerable, and I had decided I would not cry again if I could help. Because there are much worse things to cry for like when I lost my loved ones so I promised myself I would be strong. At least until the time to cry would come and tear away my shell of endured pain.


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  • Crying is a normal response to do, especially when you're going through a ton of emotional pain, but at one point, the tears need to stop. It can be hard, trust me, I would know lol, but you just need to tell yourself that this is the way it was meant to be and what happened has happened. Now it would be the time to move on, I guess. Unless, you really do have strong feelings for her then maybe you should try to reconcile?

    • I cannot reconcile, it was my fault we broke up. I would not be able to hold eye contact with her as of now. I am scared just thinking what could happen should we meet. I hope I can just get over it by occupying my mind on becoming a person I can be proud of.

    • Well, then I think the most appropriate thing to do now is stay strong and move on. There's no shame in falling, you just need to learn to get back on your feet.

  • If you need to cry just let it all out don't be afraid to cry it's normal we are all humans and we have emotions.


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