How do I get over this guy that doesn't want to date me because I dated his friend before I met him?

So embarrassing enough as it is, I opened a tinder account a while ago and met this really nice guy. Lets call him Joe. Joe and I dated for a about a month. We were sexually active (but we only slept together twice and I wasn't even THAT into him) When that relationship came to an end, I ended up meeting this other amazing guy that I had so much chemistry with and was just everything i was looking for. Basically I was and still am head over heels for him. The only problem is that I found out that him and Joe are friends and happen to even work at the same place. So off the bat we spoke about it and he told me he doesn't think he can date me, knowing that i was "with" his friend. Anyways, because we had such a great connection we kinda continued talking, knowing it wasn't a good idea. I persoanlly dont care because I like him so much, but I guess it is a guy thing... So at this point he has started to get flakey (texting when he feels like it, not making much of an effort) and I am going crazy, I feel completely heart broken even though whatever we had wasn't so long, and honestly I just feel rejected. This never happened to me before. usually, I am the one rejecting but this time im at a loss... Just went on his Facebook and saw that he added like 5 new girls which are all pretty and obviously from tinder. I don't know what to do, because I have good intuition and I know that he likes me, but he's just not telling me he wants to be with me and I can't handle this limbo anymore!!! On one hand, I want to end it so I don't get hurt anymore, but on the other, I don't want to let him go. what do I do?


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  • End it, you're notgoing to break the "bro" code, as you say he's nice and honorable so he'll be honorable and not date his friends ex.

    • his friend totALLY authorized it

    • its not about being honorable, it just bothers him that we had sex in the past. he can't seem to put it behind him and its just so annoying bc i think if u like someone enough, you can get over it... my sister's fiance is actually the best friend of one of her exes. he got over, so why can't my guy?

    • Because he can't. Different people have different feelings. Sorry but this one just doesn't seem like it's going to happen.

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