He the one who popped my cherry and I just can't get over him?

so my ex boyfriend of 10 months cheated on me in early September come right down to December , when i found out i felt back stabbed i felt like an emotional mess. i left and took him bk because he came back and all, but for some reason i can't stop feeling bad over what he did.. i had to call it quits last night, the feeling is killing me and then when i ask him for an explanation to all of this he can't give me one. can anyone please give me advice :(


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  • You probably want loyalty and don't feel you can trust him because he betrayed you. This is of course assuming the criteria of your relationship was that you were sexually exclusive. If you still want loyalty you should probably talk with him about it.

    • well thanks , we broke up tho, he didn't try to make an effort

    • That's probably for the best tbh

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