Will he come back? Does he miss me?

Just recently had my bf break up with me a few days ago cause of his parents disapproval over our different religion. He has been so cut and dry, it feels like he never even loved me as to how easily he walked away. Even though, our break up was rather sudden. He's responded to my messages but I stopped talking to him and he hasn't even messaged me at all. Doesn't he miss me? How can he walk away just like that? He did want to remain friends but I refused the day of the break up but hasn't contacted me like I'd expect from someone who was hurting.


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  • He values his parents opinion and his religious constraints, more than the relationship with you. He made a choice and he's sticking to it. I doubt he'll go back on that considering it was about religious reasons.

    • It wasn't about religious reasons since we both have similar beliefs but his father won't accept me and he refuses to go against his father.

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    • But how can he be so cold? Isn't he hurting over this?

    • He made a decisive decision because he didn't want to go against his father's wishes. He isn't going to nurse you through the break-up. It's over for him so he isn't dragging it out.

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