Should I initiate contact with my ex or wait until she does?

Hello, I dated this girl for a little over 11 months. She has severe depression and broke up with me a little over 3 weeks ago. She said that she doesn't love me anymore and doesn't think it's because of the depression. I want her back as of right now and we haven't contacted each other since the breakup.

A week after our breakup she got in a LDR (over 1,000 miles), which is her rebound I'm assuming. I have been trying to improve myself and get over her. It's hard but I get a little better every day.

Should I contact her about a month into no contact or should I wait longer for her rebound to end/her to contact me first? Or do you think I should give it another month to heal more?

Thank you for your help and support!
I was also codependent towards the end of the relationship, therefore I was never happy when we saw each other and I think she got tired of me depending on her to make me happy when she couldn't even make herself happy. I have also been working on that.


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  • Don't try to reach out to her at all even though you want to, stop and think. I tried the no contact rule in my last relationship and it worked for me. If she truly cares about you and misses you and loves you she'll come back. Do not chase her at all.

  • She didn't break up with you with no reason and if she'll miss you she would contact you, thereby if you wait a month she might me dating someone else or she'll be busy with other things. You should go on with your life and forget about it I guess..

    • Well, the thing is she's very stubborn so I think even if she did miss me she wouldn't contact me because of pride.. I supposed I'll wait another month and see how I feel along with her relationship status then

    • Hmm yeah you can try but don't stalk her or something

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