Don't know if she lied on whether or not she did see someone on New years Eve because of her being upset by me making plans 1day prior?

I just don't know what to think. It was new years day & I texted her at 6pm. She didn't respond until 830 & said that she was sorry & that she was getting ready, but I got upset & didn't believe that, so I didn't respond until 915pm cus I was getting ready. At 850pm she said: took to long, made other plans, to which I believe that she actually did bec she got mad & upset at me. So, I jus think that she was, as they say, beatin around the bush, bec she said some pretty cruel things & Believe that she was out with somebody else, even though she wouldn't say it. Than when it's 15 till midnight, I ask if she's gonna come c me at another bar that shr was at & she said: if I'm not there by 1215, than I won't b... Which gives me the impression that shr was out with someone, but jus wouldn't tell me... So, shr did come & see me, but than she said I'm gonna go over to the bar down the street & I said, k, I'll meet u over there. As I show up, shr text me & says "went home"? which I think she lied & went home w/ someone else bec she's never done that. WHAT U THINK?


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  • It sounds like she was doing it on purpose because she was mad at you and she wants you to think that she was out with someone else, trust me I used to play these games when I was like 20 years old lol

    But I don't think she was with someone else based on what you said happened.

    • Oh, I believe u. Jus sucks. Cus ur tripping on whether or not she's cheating, or playin those head games

    • Try not to let it get to you k because your going to drive yourself crazy, you have to have trust her, unless she has given you reason not to.

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