What's the best way to get your girlfriend back, when she said that she's done with you? Even tho she has said it tru text several X?

She's done this before, but not like this. She said, quote on quote: I seen you last night just to say that I'm done with you. Go get your girl. Don't contact me anymore. Have a nice life... Can't believe that she'd even say that & if she's just extremely pissed, tryin ta make me upset or jealous, if she really meant that or maybe did find someone else, cus that really hurt. Very upsetting!


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  • "Go get your girl" sounds like she thinks your cheating or you got caught cheating, honestly you should move on and leave her alone it sounds like sjes done with the relationship.

    • Right. Or, do u think that she's jus wanting to use it as an excuse to get out of it herself?

    • Maybe, honestly this sounds like she dosent want to be with you. Its better to accept it and move forward.

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  • It sounds like she doesn't care anymore because if she did she wouldn't say something like that unless she is mad at you which it kinda sounds like she is because she said "go get your girl". I think you should just leave her alone and if you never hear from her again then she truly meant what she said, If she doesn't want to be with you there is nothing you can do about it. I honestly think you should move on though I know it's hard to do because I'm going through a break up and it's not easy.

  • if you really want your girl back. do your best. tell her you won't give up. again and again. be good on her and show her how you love that girl. girls want love care and sweetness.. be sweet like sugar as u can


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