How to reject an ex (that I dumped)?

So I dumped this guy after an average relationship (wasn't brutal or anything). Weeks later, he started dating a (nerdy loner) girl that is under his league. I assumed he was desperate and didn't give it a second thought because I knew that the girl used to be interested in him.

A few weeks later he started texting me and I didn't really want to talk to him, but I did because I didn't feel like it would be mature to just ignore him or something. He had an unhappy face as his status message, so I asked him why he had that as his status (bad idea). This is what he said:

me: why is your status a sad face
him: right right ok
him: just
him: sad and regretful
me: why?
him: because of something :(
me: ?
him: something that I miss and love but yeah

I assumed that he talked to me hoping that I would ask him why his status was an unhappy face from the "right right ok" part. And then I remembered that when he would be too embarrased to say 'you', he would say 'someone that I love'.
So I'm already pretty annoyed by this clingyness because I'm actually family friends with the girl she's dating and to be honest, she's pretty nice. Except for the fact that she's been ignoring him because she hasn't ever been in a relationship before this one.

A few days ago (a week after he texted that), his friend told me that he was planning on dumping his girlfriend, and that he thinks my ex still likes me.
To be clear, I have no feelings whatsoever for him, and I do not want to get back together at all. What I want to say is that I'm not interested because you are so annoying but in a nicer way? I don't know how to do this.

Also, do you think I should tell his girlfriend about his plans of breaking up with her? I'm going to their family party tomorrow and I'll be there for around 6 hours. At the same time I don't want to hurt her but I don't think I can keep it in because I've already told her about the texts.

I just want to be ready for anything.


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  • You should stop getting into his business and start focusing on yourself. I would ignore people for the reason I don't want to talk to them.

    • I actually ignored him for more than one time after that text, but thanks! What do I do if he keeps on trying though? I think blocking him would be too mean.

    • I would block them. its not that I'm mean its just maybe they will understand me more if i did you know? Its not like you love this guy. Do what makes you happy.

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  • Huh? Make it very ve. ry clear you do not like him and will never get back together with him and will block him if he persists. Also I would advice your friend to break up with him, he obviously doesn't like her that much. Be advised she might think you're just being jealous though


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  • You need to make it plainly clear to him that you will not be getting back together again and if he still adamant in his pursuit then you need to do you and him a favor and cut him off.


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