Thinking abut breaking up with my boyfriend but I am unsure?

We have not been together for long at all. I am trying to transfer colleges which means I will be 4 hours from his house when he is already an hour away from where I live now. Last week he went on a business trip. He promised he would take me out on a date when he got back because he missed Valentine's day, but last night he aid he can't now because he is broke. I am guessing he blew all of his money on alcohol while he was away. While he was away he did not text me much but texted me to let me know that he was drunk. I also had doctors appointment last Friday and I found out that I have severe ocd and anxiety, all he said to that was "Im so hammered". Now he has been back for two days and still has not talked to me much. His excuse is that he is tired from the trip because he did not get much sleep while he was away. I was trying to talk to him about how if I went to college would he want to try and make it work or not, he said he didn't know, I told him well he needs to figure it out and ended up getting mad and accused me of wanting to break up with him. I just wanted to be real and if he does not think it will work out when I leave, then what is the point in continuing our relationship? Am I missing something here or what? Or are these legit reasons to possibly break up with him? He is not nearly as lovey dovey as he was before he left and since then we have talked just as friends and it seems like I am single.


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  • i think if you feel even the slightest bit that you want to break up you should