How to breakup with 3-months long distance girlfriend that I love?

A relationship is supposed to make two people happy, I'm not, I don't know if she is, she's giving me the silent treatment. At first she was a sweetheart and I always treat her like a queen, but recently she's been cold and stubborn and I want to end it as it's very frustrating.

I'm a guy who likes to communicate his feelings, share issues etc, while she's not open.

How can I make this break up easy for me (and her if she trully loved me)?

I love her very much, and just the idea of breaking up with her makes me very sad, but I have to if none of us is happy.


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  • Just be honest with her, if you're not happy you need to tell her.. because you don't owe her anything. It's true a relationship should make two people happy, and if not something is wrong, its up to you whether you want to work it out, or break up. Break ups aren't happy, but you know wha you deserve and don't settle for less. ALSO ignoring your partner is very immature thats when the communication line disconnects and its one of the most annoying things someone can do.

    • She is ignoring me, I keep sending texts although she never answers back, I tried my best I ask her to tell me what's wrong etc, her communication is ZERO and I don't want to stay in a relationship with no com while i'm into communication a lot.

      I really did my best to fix whatever needs to fix although I NEVER DID ANYTHING BAD TO HER. I go see her a lot (400 km away), I wrote her poems, i'm always there for her, I even surprised her in Valentine's day, and finally I told her that I love her on Monday, since Monday our communication has got even worse.

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    • Here's what im gonna do:

      1) delete her from Facebook
      2) delete her from my phone
      3) send her a text saying to send me back my father's handwatch (I asked her to keep it for me as a token of trust).
      4) I will call her sister (as she helped me a lot with surprise arrangments etc) to tell her that's i'm finishing up with her sister.
      5) That's it.

    • Sounds like a plan!
      Make sure you get the watch back, most important thing! But also don't just delete her, you have to tell her though that you're breaking up with her because if you're just going to delete her without telling her its kind of confusing.

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  • I was going to say something else, but if she's been stonewalling you for very long, yeah... she's not worth your time. If you want to give her one more shot, tell her straight up that she can either reopen communication or kiss your love goodbye. Stonewalling is a death sentence for LDRs and if she has even two functioning neurons, chances are that she knows that. Something tells me the Woof is strong with this one.


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