My ex-boyfriend wants to keep in touch + hook up with other girls?

Long history of my ex breaking things off then running back to me. He's expressed his commitment issues as he's afraid of being unhappy and doesn't like limitations or restrictions but can be faithful etc.. (don't know he doesn't make sense). Anyways I've always wanted a committed relationship with him. He breaks things off saying he's not ready for a relationship then always comes back saying he misses me despite me CLEARLY saying I don't want to be friends cause I want to move on. Most recently after 3 weeks of NC he messages me saying he wished he treated me better and misses me but has issues to work out before we could be together and says that despite being broken up, we can possibly try in the future. Then proceeds to ask to be friends, and the day after asks if I would be mad if he hooked up with other girls. DUH, instead of staying and trying to work on the relationship he wants to satisfy himself with casual sex with other girls. I don't know if I should be friends with him. I'll always want more but I also don't want to let him go in fear of him forgetting about me... HELP
He also said it really sucks not talking to me because we've been on and off for almost a year. And I'm unhappy when we aren't talking but I don't want to be miserable being his friend and seeing him with other girls. How would you handle this?


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  • He obviously wants his cake and it it Two here, dear, and no matter what, there is no guarantee that he will ever want a commitment nor be hooked at the hip with you, for Now------Instead of staying and trying to work on the relationship he wants to satisfy himself with casual sex with other girls. So, where does this leave you?
    You will always want more in store than he will, it's quite clear here. And with the Missing the Kissing that he is feeling, he merely wants to have you on the side as a Friend with benefits factor while he sees where he is at and until he can make up his muddle mind, which he doesn't even know will be... it's only going to end up a war of the Roses.
    It's best to stay away, slowly lose contact, move on with your life. If it's going to stab you in the heart while he stabs you in the back with other cutie pies, it's time to cut ties and lick your war wounds alone.
    Good luck. xx


    • Oh, you are so welcome, sweetie... start off the new year right by: Wringing out the old, and ringing in the new for you.:)) xxoo

  • He seems flaky, i wouldn't bother with him. He's going to end up being with girls, and he'll expect you to remain his faithful gf, i don't think so! Move on and find someone who is more mature and will give you the attention you deserve. Trust me, there's a lot more better, loving guys out there


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