Do you regret any of your relationships?

I regret the only stable relationship I've had. It was purely out of desperation, I should have known better. Oh well

How about you?


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  • I was happy In the relationship I had but then when i look back on it I really regret it all. It's because I always knew he wasn't the type to fall in love with someone and that he didn't take relationships seriously but I allowed myself to fall in love with him anyway, just so it can end in heartbreak.


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  • I had one that probably did more damage than positive to me. I suppose if I'd been more fortunate, i might have avoided that situation.

    Really the problem was I didn't know enough to get out. If I'd moved on after a couple months, it wouldn't be a 'mistake' just one that didn't work out.

  • Yes.
    Not having one cos the only people around me ALWAYS... ALWAYS have the same XY chromosome as I do.

    There's LITERALLY no woman around me that is within 20 years of my age. It's friggin uncanny.


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