Why is it, that your girl can say the sweetest things, but completely trip on you, just because of you not making plans ahead of time?

Doesn't make any sense how this can happen, jus by me not making plans prior. I did text her that day asking what she'd wanna do at 530pm. Didn't get a response until 815pm. Than she doesn't hear back from me till 9pm. Than she all of a sudden, says: made other plans, to late... Makes me believe that she was out with someone because I ask where she was and that I would come there, but that she said don't bother I won't be there ( as if she doesn't want you see me with someone else )

So, to all of you pretty girls out there, what do u think. Would could turn the tables that fast on someone that you've been with for over a year just m, just by getting the wrong impression, by you thinkin that I was out w/ another girl by not responding to her fast enough?


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  • honestly she sounds like either it was that time of the month for her and she was a raging mess, or she's playing with your heartstrings which girls do best. I don't know if she was with someone else but the fact that you text her and she gets pissed because she doesn't text back until late and it become too late to meet up really does make it her fault. You deserve an apology from her but you'll probably never get one from her. Think if something happened maybe a day or two before that could have gotten her pissed at you maybe? Otherwise if you come up with nothing I think she deserves the silent treatment/cold shoulder until she realizes she's about to lose the best thing she has - and if she doesn't than well its honestly time for you to find that someone who will. Youve been dating long enough to where the dating game is over and you get more into the grove of things and get comfortable enough with one another to where you dont give them the run-around as she seemed to have done to you. Be a man, stand your ground, dont let her push you around - because well thats sexy to almost all of the females out there ;)

    • thanks for that. Really put some things into perspective.

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  • Cuz she crazy man plus bitches be tripping


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  • There's a lot of girls that are extremely over dramatic and throw fits about everything, don't take it personally


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