Ladies if an ex accused himself of being the father of your child but DNA test proves he was wrong, would you rub it in his face, after he feels sad?

Lets say a guy you've known for a long time who use to be your ex-boyfriend, after he found out you had a child and might think the child is his. Since the test proves that he's not the father, that made he feel so bad to the point where he was just crying in tears... would you poke fun at him by telling him stop crying and be a man, or would you have sympathy for him?

Knowing that most men are dead beats to where they want nothing to do with taking care of a child, so since this guy was really serious about wanting to be the father, he must be a man.
  • A.) yes i would brag in his regardless of him crying
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  • B.) no I wouldn't poke fun at him
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What Girls Said 1

  • If I told him he wasn't but he was just clutching at straws clinging onto false hope. Hell yea I'd rub it in.. he made me and my CHILD go through that shit when he was already told it isn't his. I'd probably really thoroughly dislike him.

    • Now do you think a guy has the right to poke fun at a woman who accused him of being the father?

    • If she's trying to pin it on him and he isn't, when the results come back he can laugh in her face and tell her hoe ass to go find the daddy!
      That kinda shit can ruin lives.

What Guys Said 1

  • i would because fuck that guy


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