Is this just a rebound?

So many of you have seen my story and maybe thought I was childish and immature and didn't deserve my ex back. I cheated on her once and was just scared of long-term.

So I broke up with her December 8. I was mad that we weren't see ing each other. So I really snapped. I love her so much and I know she is the one for me. I really needed to talk to her at the time but my communication was all that great.

So she text me one day and said she wanted to make it work. I was happy. So we were trying so I thought then she said she was confused. So I'm asking myself is she confused about everything? One day she wanted it then the next she wanted me to move on.

So I recently looked into her fb and seen she has another boyfriend. That she has been commited to for months. So she was just lying to me the whole time. Or was she? I was so hurt. Not only was she seeing him but he and I are friends. Like they went through a lot to hide it. my ex was friends with his girl as well. they both left us for each other.

So immaturity set in and I was so angry and furious I posted some the messages on her and James (New boyfriend) ex girlfriend page so she could see as well. my ex was really upset. She had already changed her number and then when she seen stuff getting posted she calls me after ignoring me for day on in. she called me while she was at his house sleeping in his bed. So hurt. so Angry.

Some might ask why I didn't leave her alone from the start. She continued to send mixed signals that really had me bound. She was flip floppy... and I'm thinking just three months ago you were in love with me. So confusing. Because we didn't break up because if cheating but all this got bought up. Like I broke up with her.

She have been committed to him for months according to the messages. Talks of having kids and all. Told me I needed to get my tuff together if she want ed to work it out. Car... house... etc . but yet this guy has none of this stuff.

She pressed charges on me for harassing


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  • Dude, when, as you say, she gave what you interpreted to be mixed signals to you -one day she's on board, the next she isn't- she actually gave you a clear indication of her feelings. Perhaps blinded by optimism, you did not see the writing on the wall.

    Don't get me wrong, in no way, shape, or form am I blaming you for her actions. However, I am suggesting that you take ownership in the fact that you enabled her to play you. You should never rely on someone who has repeatedly proven to be unreliable.

    I suggest you count your losses, like, yesterday, and move on.

    • This is true. just messed up because she did it in our faces. Told me she would get up with me on my bday I mean made effort to see what I was doing and that she wants to be there. On that day she said she would call Me If she was coming and that it would probably be a good idea if she didn't. But the whole time they were together. So messed up. I ne ver would do that to her.

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