Screwed over a relationship... the guilt is killing me?

Dated my boyfriend for two and a half years... and I screwed up big time. I hung out with a guy friend yesterday and felt serious sexual chemistry. He tried hooking up with me, but I instantly said "No. I don't cheat. I have a boyfriend and I love him" and I left.

I told my boyfriend what happened when I got back home and he was furious with my "friend". And I also admitted to being attracted to him, and said I was going to shut him out of my life.

My boyfriend said he's done with me and broke up with me because I admitted to being sexually attracted to someone else. I feel so horrible and guilty. How do I get over this? I need help on how to not be such a shitty person.


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  • Okay first of all it is 100% natural to be sexually attracted to a person other than your boyfriend. No one is boyfriendsexual.

    I think you did the right thing by telling your friend no and then telling your bf about it. Your bf did the wrong thing by freaking out. If he can't handle the idea of you being attracted to other men and NOT acting on it then he's not ready for a real relationship anyway. You did everything right. He did not.


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  • You were honest with your boyfriend but tbh nothing good could come from telling him that. You did nothing wrong. But I wouldn't say it was right or otherwise neccessary to tell him how you felt about the guy. It would hurt me also if I was told that my girlfriend had sexual desires for someone she spends a lot of time with

  • Wait, you had an interest and didn't act on it. Then you told your BF the TRUTH about it. AND you cut the guy out of your life? I don't get why he is mad at you, angry at your "friend" for picking up on you sure, but mad at you for thinking someones attractive? I don't get it, you did nothing wrong. Sorry he over reacted, I hope your next BF realize that people find each other attractive.

  • You didn't do anything wrong but to be honest, there are things you have to keep to yourself so that the other person doesn't feel bad. In time it will heal

    • I had to tell him. The guilt of even feeling attracted was killing me

    • But imagen if you didn't tell him you would still be with him and he wouldn't be worried. But you saying that you felt attracted to that guy you almost slept with it sounds unbelievable for the most part. Like I said give it some and learn from this mistake

  • I wonder if you're the girl that this one random guy was talking about yesterday. He said he still really cares about this girl but she was not attracted to him anymore. So, he was curious if he should break up with her. Regardless, this proves my point that men and women cannot be friends because of the sexual tension. Anyway, it's okay to have crushes or be attracted to different people; it happens. However, this is something you should have kept to yourself. Telling him did not solve anything; in fact, it led you to this event. Essentially, you have several options. You can try to talk to your boyfriend and try to convince him that you still are attracted to him, be with this "friend," or move on.

    • Lol my boyfriend hates social media. It definitely wasn't him, and I'm really attracted to him!

    • *attracted to my boyfriend

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