Does he love/want me or not? Most confusing break up ever?

We dated for a year & had the most amazing, caring, loving relationship. We had everything in common, were best friends & each other's first everything. He broke up with me a few days ago because his depression (diagnosed and in therapy for almost a year) has been horrendous lately. He started withdrawing a few weeks ago and distanced himself from me and his friends, but he was still saying sweet things like how excited he was to see me. One day he had a breakdown saying he can't do this anymore, so we went on a break. During the break I asked his friends if they thought it'd be permanent & they said no way. A few days ago, he broke up with me saying he wasn't in love with me anymore and didn't know why. he said he wasn't happy but said he couldn't think of a single problem with us. He said he can't be in a relationship when he's so depressed but would want to try again if he gets better. I said well you were just saying all these things like how you never want to break up like a week ago, were you lying? He said no I meant everything. How do you stop loving someone in 2 weeks, coincidentally the same time he said he was feeling more depressed than ever? He was crying and shaking and said he was just so confused. My psychology professor said that its his depression talking and he's just not capable of feeling his love right now. however, he's been hanging out with his friends all the time. He had been pushing us all away so why is he now with them all the time? We talked the first time since the break up today and he was very friendly and sounded happy and we had a normal conversation. However, he stopped answering me and his friend posted on Instagram a picture of them together hanging out. I'm so confused. Is he trying to cope, are his friends trying to cheer him up? Why is he acting so normal with me but then ignore me and see his friends. He had been pushing them away more than me during all this. He seemed happy to talk to me, so why is he ignoring me now?
  • He does love you, but is trying to fix himself and is leaning on his friends right now. It's not personal, he's irrational and unstable right now
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  • I think I replied to you before as I recognise a few things mentioned already.

    I think it's just a matter of him being incapable at the moment of thinking of someone else. Depression can make you selfish unintentionally and sometimes it can just get to the point where you simply can't keep the effort to maintain a relationship so instead it's best just to have yourself to worry about.

    Just give him some time and then be a friend to him, don't give him demands or anything like that as he needs to focus on himself and getting better.

    Friends, unlike girlfriends don't often require as much effort or thinking so perhaps this is the reason he doesn't want to be in a relationship right now.


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