Why do I only remember the bad in my past relationship?

I broke up with my ex 9 months ago. Thinking back, I can only remember the bad times. I googled it and all I got was everyone remembering the good times with their ex. I was with him for 3 years. I only remember the lying, cheating, and trust issues (he lied and cheated, not me). I remember laying awake while he was sleeping and silently crying and feeling so low and pathetic. But there were good times, I just can't necessarily think of them. So why is it that I only remember the bad? Is anyone else the same way?


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  • Most women I know are exactly like you including 2 of my ex girls! They never remember the romantic things I've done or the sacrifices I've made. All they remember are the moments I was too tired or busy to show up or excuses I've made. I never cheated but still! They hate me lol women usually only remember the let downs.

  • Because you are just too heart broken you have to get ober that to really forgive him and thats not essy to do

    • But I'm not heartbroken. I broke up with him. I should've done it WAY earlier than I did, like years earlier, but that's besides the point. I never loved him and I don't miss him. I don't know if I ever forgave him or not, but I just stopped caring about what he did when he wasn't with me.

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    • I don't exactly have a bad feeling in my heart. Yes, I only remember the bad but I don't think of him as an asshole. It's just really confusing which is why I posted it on GAG when I can't sleep lol

    • Hive it a little mire time and thought to this you have to forguve him but really ist not eastnbut you have too

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