Ex boyfriend replies texts! What do think?

My boyfriend broke up with me on January and i started NC after it! I contacted him last weeking just asking how he was and he said "just same old stuFf"! I asked to meet him, to talk in a kore calm way (we fought when he broke up with me and said he wanted to meet after two weeks and talk as friends) and he said sure and "lets see when we can"! On Friday i sent a message asking if we could meet on weekend, but he said "maybe next week? Bcs it's a big holiday now" I don't know how should i feel about it! What do tou guys think?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He just wants to talk. Nothing more. Doubt he's wanting to get back. He's being mature about it

    • I feel like there's still a chance, since i think he was confused when we break up! but it really might be true what you're saying... Even though he wasn't really mature about blaming me for all

What Girls Said 1

  • Let him initiate girl. One month is a really short time to be apart. Mine dumped me almost 7mnths ago. He started contacting me again a month ago. He initiates contact once or twice a week now. He told my close friend he's recincidering things. It's so much better this way bc I don't have to wonder if he's just "being nice."


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