Break up came out of nowhere, he said he has these feelings and needed to tell me! Can we work it out?

Ok so two weeks ago I called to my boyfriends house as usual. He said we needed to talk. He said he has had these feelings. He asked me did I notice anything different lately? I said no that I was happy. He said he felt I was doing all the work and making the effort and he felt he wasn't and that he should be wanting too. He said it doesn't really say much about him. So I jumped the gun saying 'are you braking up with me'. So we talked and talked and then he said can we give it time because I don't want to make this decision lightly. So after the weekend he contacted me and said he was hoping by the next weekend to make a decision instead of dragging it out a few weeks because he knew how it was upsetting me so much.
The following weekend came and he said his feelings haven't changed since the previous week. I asked him did he go in with the intention of breaking up initially. He said no but he knew it was a possibility. He asked me what I thought. I said I thought our relationship was worthy fighting for. He said it wouldn't be right or fair on me continuing on like this when he has these feelings. He says he loves me and cares for me deeply but not a deeper kind of love perhaps.
I asked him was he like this as Christmas (3/4 weeks before) he said no. So I think he was being rash. I know he's stressed out at work (not saying that has anything to do with it) and things were a bit mundane in January. But that's life, things are not all thunder bolts and sparks. He's 29 this year and then wonder is he freaking out and having doubts. I never suspected any problems as we were so happy and spent a lot of time together. Shared deepest secrets. Even for my birthday 3 months ago he recorded a song for me and said he never let anyone hear him sing before.
I just love him so much. And I know I can't make someone love me the same. But was hoping someone might have some advice in regards what he might be actually feeling or if there is any chance. Spoke last sat!
I suppose my real question is, is there a possibility that he genuinely is confused and could realise that he's after making a big mistake. Just wanted a males perspective if this actually happened to them before.
But your right
But your right justbe. I need to move on. No point waiting around for someone that doesn't love me the way I love them. Just that it came our of nowhere. Well I thought so anyway.


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  • So you are anxiously waiting for this 29yr old to figure out of he really wants to break up with you? No it's either he does or he doesn't. You should do him the favor and walk away.

  • impossible!


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