Peak Break-up by date via Facebook: Why is there a peak in MARCH?

I can see why there's a HUGE peak before Christmas (unless you are a complete asshole, you won't wait until your SO gets you some kind of expensive present before you ditch them. You are a horrible person if you do wait for them to do that and break up with them the day after. I've heard that happen, that girl deserves the worst possible treatment by all. But that's beside the point.)

But I seriously don't know why there's a peak in March. Why is there a peak in March? I welcome any guesses, really. I have no idea.


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  • Waiting to get Valentine's over and done with, people don't wanna be single on Valentine's day. Some people think it's cruel to dump someone just before so will wait, New years herald changes in lives. Spring is a time for shaking things up and making life changes. It's a natural time for any change.


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  • This is assuming that the actual break ups on Facebook (as in, putting your relationship status to something other than "in a relationship") are ACTUAL indicators of a real-life split, and not something done out of jealously, boredom, PR, etc etc.

    Assuming this is correct, I have no freakin' idea. Fuck Facebook.


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  • Well, I assume it probably has something to do with Valentine's day. Most people, even when they're realising they are incompatible with their SO won't want to break up with them before Valentine's day, because there's no time to find someone else, so you'll be spending Valentine's day alone if you break up early. Also, you may feel bad about breaking up with someone because you don't want them to be alone for Valentine's day either. Similarly, there may be people who find an SO simply for the sake of not being alone on Valentine's day.
    Then, once Valentine's day is over, you don't want to break up instantly because that just looks bad, like you were waiting to get a present, then leave. Entering March is a respectable distance away from Valentine's day that it doesn't look too bad anymore. Hence, many people who want to break up on Valentine's day may wait til March, so break ups accumulate.
    Another reason may be that perhaps Valentine's day has shown you something about your SO that you didn't like. Perhaps they're not romantic enough, or they're too stingy. That could be a factor.
    So basically, I feel that all the March breakups are mostly connected to Valentine's day in some shape or form.

    • Something else I've just thought of: this graph comes from Facebook. I assume that means relationship status changes. So, if your SO broke up with you just before, or just after Valentine's day, perhaps you would be too upset to change it til March?

    • The post-Valentine's day thing does seem likely. There is no other explanation.

  • After affects of a bad valentine's? Maybe it has to do with post secondary? Some courses start in September and others start in the spring. Maybe because a lot of people go to school in September that is how long they can try a LDR before breaking up so 6 months.

    Or maybe it's a government conspiracy MWA HA HA HA HA!!!

    • That's the interesting thing - September has pretty much the *lowest* breakup rate, but the beginning of the Summer break has a high one (possibly with the intention of finding a new partner during the break?). If you didn't break up until Christmas, it seems that people just don't break up commonly on New Year's.

  • spring is around the corner. it's harder (more depressing) to be alone during the cold winter months.


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