Think about the bad memories to get through a break up?

trying to get over an ex, people say to think about the bad things that happened between us to help get through it, funny thing there were no bad memories.


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  • Well I think it's best to look at it as it wasn't meant to be, because if it was she'd still be there. I know it's hard to get over an ex when you still love her but there is someone out there for you that will make you happy again. I'm going through a break up right now and it sucks but it is what it is and if you don't let go then you might miss out on meeting an awesome women.

    How long ago was the break up?

    • 4 months im over the hurt but still wish for back even though I could never take her back.

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  • I went through a break up a couple of years ago and god I was a wreck It was really hard for me to move on. I would literally just breakdown behind walls or just stay quiet. No smiles, nothing. holding my tears back that feeling you get in your chest. What I did was erase her out of my life even her family members. It helped me a lot just cut all contact with her and anybody that inneracts with her. Although I feel a lot more better I still think about her but she changed a lot...


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