What's the best way to get over a guy who cheated on you?

Avoiding suggestions that involve a rebound or anything like that, how can you get over someone who cheated on you?

What methods/actions help relive the anger and the pain and hurt?

This is for my friend. I already suggested having a bonfire since she ripped up some of their letters. And we already ate ice cream together and consoled her. I also suggested throwing ice at the ground because it's a way to relive anger. Any other ideas?


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  • well when i got cheated on, i began writing... a lot lol! i wrote a whole 10 page short story for a final last semester that was completely inspired by my break-up and her cheating

    Your friend will need to find something to divert her attention to in a positive way, like a hobbie or passion

    I love writing, and it helped me get over her and got me an A- on my final so...
    Also in a few weeks try going out with her and meeting guys, nothing beats the feeling of a hunky guy/beautiful girl coming into your life, its like a breath of fresh air
    good luck and tell her i said, People like us move on to better things, we find strength in failure and turn betrayal into success

    • Wow! That's awesome! Thanks for the advice I think that's great you wrote it all out. I think that could really help her!

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    • oh yeah lol! baby steps for sure, maybe in a month or 2...
      Its been 3 months for me... still i haven't found someone who i just clicked with... but enough about my problems lol
      good luck to your friend she will be fine!

    • Well I do wish you all the best and hope you find someone! I'm sure you will though! You seem super nice and cool so it might take time but somebody is out there for you. Thanks for all the advice! I'll be sure to use this when helping my friend!

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  • Concentrate on things that define her and nobody else but only her. And let time... heal time and go from there. Its easier said then done, but time is a powerful thing, indeed

    • Sound advice.

    • Just trying to add my two cents... im no expert but i've lived and learned. Its not easy but your friends better then that, she can do it. :-)

  • Let her cry it out tell her to erase all form of contact with him/her and get her laid.

  • By keep chasing the "confident" guys

  • You can't..

  • kill him and his entorage

    • Haha I'm against violence but I'm pretty sure this is how she felt when she found out.

    • yeah!

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  • Exercise. It's a great outlet and it'll make her hotter and that's basically the best way to make someone regret what they did to her haha

    • Hmmm... yeah that's a good point since she will see him in a few months!

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