My ex and I broke up because he didn't want to "hurt me" anymore, but I don't accept that because we still love each other. Accept it or no?

When I say hurt I mean things like he wasn't there when a family member passed, has lied about dumb things, and caused me hurt. He is the most wonderful person and I tell him all the time. We both know this is right and we are long distance so we cannot discuss this is person. He just feels that he will hurt me by doing these kind of stupid things. I don't know if I should just accept this and let him go or what. I am upset at things that he's done but I believe anything can be fixed. Please help! Thanks!


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  • Well he got lot of changing to go through and you will need lot of emotional healing to go through to let go of what he did to you and no matter what
    anyone says you still love him and it's going be hard to let go of him i know
    from my past of my first ex gf i had trouble letting go of her and coming to my
    senses to realize that it was over.

    • Aww thank you. I just wish I knew if letting go was right or not. It doesn't feel right. Which could sound silly but when he is the man I know he is it then he truly is amazing.

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    • Again, Thank you very much. I hope all goes well too:)

    • You're welcome and thank you :)
      :D :)

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  • It seems like you like being hurt. He's making excuses because he doesn't want to be with you-- accept it. He wasn't there because he didn't care enough. You can't force him to care, it'll only leave you more disappointed and "hurt."

    • Thank you for the response! I totally agree with you saying that he didn't care. Which is what I thought at first. However, I know he cares. Which made me question it then as actually is he removing himself so that he really doesn't hurt me. He has done this one other time and he get's down on himself because he doesn't feel good enough about himself.

    • He needs to work on himself and gain more confidence before jumping back into a relationship. Just think about if you were married, is this what you want in a partner?

    • No I do not like being hurt. I know that he has a lot of things he needs to work on before ever considering marriage as an option.

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  • He doesn't sound that great to me tbh!


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