Girl broke up a few days ago and then texted she misses me?

So this girl I was dating for 2 years broke up with me anyways she texted me a few days ago and said she misses me, miss talking to me, and wanted me to come over, and cuddle with her I'm confused she said that she didn't want to see or talk to me again. And that I'm a very important person in her life.
What does all this mean?


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  • Don't get dragged into her shit. She's gonna use you when she wants you, and make you feel like shit when she doesn't. She might not even be doing it on purpose, she probably genuinely is really confused, but there's no sense in leading yourself on.

    Tell her one time that you want to not have any contact for a while and that you would appreciate it if you gave each other space. Maybe farther down he road things can be better between you two but I'd avoid getting suckered back in this early

  • Do you have any idea or doubt if she left you for somone else? If yes then that guy treat her like garbage and now she's regret and want to back to you

    If no doubts maybe its true she's just miss you

    It's up to you if you will give her chance or no

    Personally I would text get IM NOT YOUR TOY


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