How do you get emotions back after breakups?

Ever since my break up i haven't been me. I hate everything that has to do with love or couples. I can't even watch my favorite chick flinks anymore. I don't know what it is but I hate everything that has to do with love or relationships. And it's weird because this isn't my first break up but this is the only time this has happened. I feel emotionless and heartless. I am out of ideas. Please help!


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  • once your over him you will soon start to be happy again. Its hard but if you try to focus on making yourself a better person than what you were before the breakup you will soon start to feel so much better about yourself. make daily goals that will make you a better person. everyone has something that they can improve so try to channel that and make goals for yourself. you will find that you would feel a lot better about yourself.


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  • You'll probably have to get back into the mindset of being happy being single. Basically the ability to be happy without being in a relationship. It'll probably require a lot of time and mental focus to really do that.

  • they naturally come back


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