He broke up with me (over text) because he wanted to hang out?

He was my VERY first boyfriend, and we only went out for almost a month. he texted me this.

"I was thinking that we can just be friends for right now till I get to were I start growing up is that ok"

He went on later to talk about how he didn't want to hurt me and that he eventually wants to try it again after we hang out first...
I'm up to my shoulders in anger right now over this whole thing ending in text... honestly, if he thinks this is him "growing up" then that's one thing, but over a friggin text?

If any help, He's 20 and I'm 19.
Throughout the whole thing, we never hung out, barely talked in person, and (and this is the worst part) he never used my name, he always called me "bud"
We met at work and I thought I really liked him at first...

has anyone gone through something like this? and what did you do?


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  • Omg. He really needs to grow up. He's 20 and he still does not know how to treat a girl correctly. I mean we are all different and we all grow up at different times, but man, he acted like a immature little boy. Girl i think is not your problem if he's confused bc of his decisions about whether if he wants to be with you or not. He's literally doing the "i call you whenever I f**king want to, And you have to be waiting your whole life for me".


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  • Reno is right.. He sounds like a 13 year old.. I might suggest finding a new guy completely, he sounds completely horrible.


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