What should I do if my boyfriend cheated on me?

hey everyone reading this...I would love to have your comments...i need them because I am so Lost as what to do...My boyfriend went to VT this weekend from Thur.-Sun. and while out there he met one of his friends sister. They both got very drunk Friday night when she got there ...they all went bar hopping! they came back to the apartment and kept partying...there him and her made out and another one of his friends saw them...Well near the end of the night she was very sick and he took care of her...the next day they drank again and went to the game where he had to carry her in and look out for her and all this...again that night went to bars...again that night he made out with her and was feeling her up ...but nothing more he says...

he told me all this when I got home tonight...he said he wanted to be honest with me...so I was OK...not happy but OK with the first time because they were very drunk and he says he never even remembers it...and that he only knows because of other people telling them what they did...but he tells me the second night that he wanted to do it... and that he has feelings for her and that he likes her a lot...

I was like so you don't care about me? he was like I love you I want you to be happy and I figure we were on the verge of breaking up and all of this stuff...

well thing is...yes we argue but we been together 10 months I would say you are going to argue sometimes and the whole breaking up thing was a shock to me! also I asked him if he knew he was doing it the 2nd night why did he stop he said because he didn't want to and he has feeling and all this crap. I mean how you have this much feeling for someone you have never met before Friday...and then you hook up with them and cheat on you girlfriend...I don't get it

I am so confused as to what to do! I love him so much and don't know what I would do with out him! and another problem is we live together in an apartment!

can you all please help me on this one...im lost!
What should I do if my boyfriend cheated on me?
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