Should guys chase girls even if she was the one that called of the relationship saying she needs time and space?

my ex girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me about 2 months ago i feel lost because she gave me different reasons some of them were that she dint feel ready to be in a relationship which i think is bs because why did she decide to stay with me for 2 years then she said she doesn't feel the same way and she wanted her time and space so at first i acted a little needy and clingy which i know was a bad idea but i think is a common mistake because we enter in the panic mode when the person we love decide to leave us , i haven't seen her in about a month and some days and barely talked to her we haven't talk about the relationship at all to see what really made our relationship end my question and this is mostly for girls should i start chasing her and try to talk to her she's the type of girl that likes a lot of attention and im not giving her any i really miss her and i would love to fix things with her and start a new relationship
any girls on this?


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  • If she ain't ready, then find one who is...

  • NO!!! Begin pursuing other bitches IMMEDIATELY!!!


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