HELP? Is it my fault it's over?

Ok so my ex gf & I were together 6 months & we have been broken up nearly 3 months I thought we were great together we had so much in common by I am very insecure about myself and she would say thing to me that were very blunt & would talk about how she might end up pushing herself away from me & brake up with me if certain stuff happened or if I became a destraction from school & would worry about if I was going to be & would start pushing me which made me paranoid. So every time I would calm her down & feel good about us she would start pushing away again then finally I got her completely calmed down but then she started talking about going to tutoring with a friend & wanted to let me know so I didn't think anything was going which was really nice of her to do but I'm a dumbass & got jelous because of somthing she said when we first started dating saying she would never cheat on me in the right frame of mind so I got really paranoid I never accused her of cheating & felt bad for even thinking she was but I was still so paranoid that I went through her phone & she caught me I told her I was so sorry & she forgave me & we went on. Earlier on in our relationship she told me that if her mom stopped liking me we would be over, so one day after I stopped worrying about her cheating she told me that her mom said I was dependent & that she needed to watch out because that was bad she told me about it & I got paranoid because of what she had told me before. Then as the relationship went on she would say stuff like we won't last that long or say stuff that made me feel like she wanted to end it & I would still ask questions a lot to help me feel secure. She had hormone problems & her birth control was what was regulating it & she started having problems with it so she had to stop using her BC so she had nothing to help with it so she started getting tired of me & stopped liking me I don't know if it was the hormones or my insecurities. Does it sound like it was my fault?
Also should I try to contact her or move in?


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  • No, just let her go and move the fuck on you dependent little bitch. Man the fuck up sissy jeez.


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