How do I get him to know I'm done with the games?

I have the most AMAZING man ever... well had.. we broke up today because I lied about something so dumb. This is not the first time I did things in our last relationship and so do he... but I messed up again by lying about something so damn dumb. He's been honest about everything and I let my thoughts cloud what I know and reacted. He says he doesn't believe my words anymore but it took him to walk out of my life completely for me to wake up and see love is NO JOKE. You never mistreat someone you love because you'll die without them. We've been together for 3 years... 4 in march and everybody goes through problems in relationships.. and gets through them. I let the devil get the best of me.. always trying to make me think something... sighs... it's been like 2 hours and I miss him ever since I got out the car... I don't wanna seem like a broken record with the I won't hurt you anymore I want him to know I love him to death and I'm done with the lies... I just want him to believe me.. he's a very good man and I don't want to be the reason our chapter gets closed... We've been through toooo much and we have a lot in common and we both know we won't find anything like this...:( Help... never needed anyone in my life but I need him... he keeps me happy and now he's gone... it's like a flashlight on I'm a dark room how he makes me feel.. turn it off? How I felt when he left... how do I get him to feel what he felt before? How do I get him to see that one walk away made me realize love is no joke... People who dealt with this before please respond as well.


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  • Well stop lying. How can he trust you when he can't believe you. If my bf lied to me all the time he would be kicked to the curb. No matter how big or small the lie is you always get caught so wouldn't it be easier to tell the truth to begin with? If you want him back give him a call in the next couple days and tell him something real. Let him know why you lie. Is it nerves, does it make you feel better, is it because you panic and your mind goes blank ext. Narrow it down and talk to him about it. Practice not telling a lie and being truthful. Then from there it is up to him if he wants to take you back. You broke the trust and once you break someone's trust it is hard to get back. Even if you manage to get it back it may never be the same because people remember what broke the trust the first time.

  • chill... done that. we never gonna go back and erase ur mistake but u can do things better.. tell him what u said in here like he was the light in ur dark room etc.. I just want to say do ur best and forgive urself.. and it seems like u don't want to lose him.. girl, do ur best effort and love on him if u really want him back


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