Who else is going through a recent break up?

I'm going through a break up right now and I'm just curious how many other women and men on here on are going through one too.


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  • I went through a break up 6 months ago.
    Believe me I'm still not over her. :(

    • Sorry to hear that I know it sucks and it's hard to get over especially when you still love them. How long was your relationship if if you don't mind me asking?

    • Thankz for dat and please I really dont mind you askin me dat.
      I just wanted somone who understand me and I think I got another person :)
      Our relationship was short 6-7 months but I really think in those months I was happy like never in my life.:(

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  • I am going through one. It's been almost 3 months now but It's still tough on some days, especially since it was a really bad breakup.

    • Sorry to hear that I know how you feel my break up was just 2 weeks ago and it hurts. Did you your ex ever try to contact you?

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    • This from a grown man who's 40, but I know I'm better off. Breakups are tough, just be gentle on yourself.. keep yourself busy, go out with good friends, try to stay positive. Good luck

    • Thanks, and I hope things get better for you because you deserve better.

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  • I am, a pretty nasty one too /: Feel free to message me if you wanna talk.

  • My boyfriend left me Sunday.

  • im 😢 too its really sad when u still have feeling for ur ex

    • Sorry to hear that, how long ago was the break up? Mine was almost 2 weeks ago and what hurts the most is he told me he still loves me but hung up on me and is ignoring me but I'm moving on.

    • my ex broke up with me 2 months ago i still miss him but he told me he doesn't want to b my bf so im trying to moving on

  • I am 😀😀😀


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